* The Last Supper - Copper Relief
* The Last Supper - Copper Relief
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* The Last Supper - Copper Relief

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Size: 24 X 36
Limited Edition of 777
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The Last Supper Copper

This is my most prized piece of art. I have it hanging over my front door so that I see it all day every day.  I've been searching for something as spectacular to go with it. So far, nothing else compares. Shirley B., MD

This is the most amazing piece of art I've seen in years and I felt compelled to purchase it immediately.  What a blessing to have artists of this caliber produce future masterpieces for 'our' descendants. Vic G., DC

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Okaybabs is a world-renowned artist whose versatility is his trademark. He has been an artist for as long as he can remember.

He was overall best student when he graduated from The Poly technical of Ibadan, Nigeria with a National Diploma in Fine Art. He then went on to receive a BA in Fine Art from Obafemi Awolowo University (formerly the University of Ife) where he specialized in painting. Whilst at Obafemi Awolowo University he was recognized for his exceptional creative skills.

A visual encounter with his paintings, which exudes originality and creativity, leads you on an aesthetic adventure of dynamic flow of lines, vibrant colors and agile forms. It is a stimulating experience that is both soothing and relaxing. Although the viewer of his paintings is left with a pleasant feeling of satisfaction, the whole encounter arouses within the viewer a craving for continuous interaction with the artwork.

The more you view his art work the more you discover new aspects to it which lends itself to the phrase "The more you look the more you see". It is impossible to get enough of his work because they emit fresh appeal each time viewed. No doubt, this is because a lot went into the creation of the art piece even though they may appear simple on first looks.

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