Okaybabs is a world-renowned artist whose versatility is his trademark. He has been an artist for as long as he can remember.

He was overall best student when he graduated from The Poly technical of Ibadan, Nigeria with a National Diploma in Fine Art. He then went on to receive a BA in Fine Art from Obafemi Awolowo University (formerly the University of Ife) where he specialized in painting. Whilst at Obafemi Awolowo University he was recognized for his exceptional creative skills.


A visual encounter with his paintings, which exudes originality and creativity, leads you on an aesthetic adventure of dynamic flow of lines, vibrant colors and agile forms. It is a stimulating experience that is both soothing and relaxing. Although the viewer of his paintings is left with a pleasant feeling of satisfaction, the whole encounter arouses within the viewer a craving for continuous interaction with the artwork.

The more you view his art work the more you discover new aspects to it which lends itself to the phrase "The more you look the more you see". It is impossible to get enough of his work because they emit fresh appeal each time viewed. No doubt, this is because a lot went into the creation of the art piece even though they may appear simple on first looks.

He appeared on the TV program "Lisa's Mobile Art Show" which aired in Los Angeles and Inglewood, California where he talked about his art works. In 2001, three of his paintings - 'Sax', 'Together Forever' and 'Market Place Buffet' were featured in Chrysler's Dodge Minivan TV commercial. In October 2003, ABC 7's "The Practice" also featured one of his Copper Relief Series - 'Sax'. His painting titled 'United Family' has been featured on the hit TV series "The Parkers" - UPN channel 13 - since 2001. The Union Bank of California for its CD album and promotional poster also used this same painting during the Black History Month celebration of February 2005. In addition, three of his musical series were shown when the home of Rickey Smiley of Alabama was featured in the BET program "How you living".

A widely sought after artist, he has been featured by many national and international Newspaper and magazines. These include "The Press Enterprise" of Riverside, California, which featured him in its March 1997 edition, the "Art Business News" - international art magazine based in New York. "The San Bernardino Sun" along with "Art Trend" devoted more than a whole page to his artwork in the 'Living Section' of their March 13, 1997 edition. The following Newspaper / Magazines have featured Okaybabs and his art work: "Art World News" published monthly in Rowayton, Connecticut (distributed world wide), "Precinct Reporter" of San Bernardino, "Redlands Daily Facts", "Fontana Daily Bulletin", "Black Voice" and last but not least "Empire Saver Guide". In Nigeria, he was featured in the "Daily Times", "Sunday Concord" and "Cradle News"

Okaybabs holds membership affiliates with the Riverside Art Museum, Art Council of San Bernardino and Redlands Art Association where he teaches art to student of all ages. He operates his Art Studio and

Gallery in the city of San Bernardino, California. His unique style of using natural materials, such as soil and raffia for his mixed media, series, has brought him much attention by art collectors and admirers across the globe. Among such dignitaries are Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, Senate President of Nigeria and General Collin Powell.

Collectors' Testimonies

"Your kind of art is positive."

"Your artwork is different."

"Your work is unique."

"I have never seen anything like this before."

"This particular painting of yours is saying something to me. It makes me happy."

"Your paintings are full of energy, life, movement and spirituality."





                                            Okaybabs Statement




Reflecting on the comments of my numerous art admirers, I cannot agree more that they are right on target. Their comments reveal the kind of person that I am - Absolutely Positive! Of a fact I am truly creative, and not only because my style, which is unique and inimitable, is fanciful, imaginative and original, but because my art resuscitates, upholds, supports and builds good relationships between mankind and between human beings and the Supreme Being. This obviously results in abundant peace, joy, love and happiness. Also, the testimonies from my many art admirers bear witness to the irresistible and stimulating experience they enjoy and for which they hardly can find the words to fully express. My art is committed to restoring, upholding and preserving the glory, respect and dignity for humanity and its Creator. Art is life, for there is no aspect of our life that is devoid of art.
Art is eternal, Art is beauty, and a thing of beauty is joy forever. ----Okaybabs